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Included Walking Tour of the Akharas

  • Duration4 hours

Observe, breathe and understand the venerable concept of the Kumbh Mela as you make your way in this vast ocean of humanity and visit the various Akharas to get comprehensive view on the ideology and philosophy of different sects of Hinduism. These Akharas are open from the early hours of the morning till late evening so that visitors get a chance to interact with the Sadhus.

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  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: Spirit of the Kumbh
    3 Nights
  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: A Fascinating Kumbh Journey
    4 Nights
  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: The Grand Spectacle of Kumbh
    5 Nights
Walking tour of the Akharas
Walking tour of the Akharas

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