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Included Interaction with Sadhus and Seers

  • Duration2 hours

Meeting with Sadhus and Seers is always a solemn moment where one gets a moment to grasp the true essence of tapasya and self sacrifice to attain self-realization. It is occasions such as these that can transform views of how one perceives life and its basic fundamentals. Come and join this celebration of life and spirituality.

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  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: Spirit of the Kumbh
    3 Nights
  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: A Fascinating Kumbh Journey
    4 Nights
  • Sangam Nivas, Allahabad: The Grand Spectacle of Kumbh
    5 Nights
Interaction with sadhus and seers
Interaction with sadhus and seers

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