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About Sangam Nivas

Sangam Nivas is dedicated to provide seekers of spirituality and wellness the quintessential experience of Kumbh Mela and the holistic aspects of Indian philosophy and mythology. We have put together an inimitable multisensory journey into the very heart of the Kumbh Mela that will help our guests to connect with the true spiritual aspect of this grand spectacle.

The essence of the camp is to help our guests understand the correct interpretation of Kumbh Mela and Indian religion.

Exclusive excursions will be arranged into the very heart of the Kumbh Mela providing guests a chance to witness the sea of fervent devotees performing their rituals and offering prayers. Interact one-on-one with the sadhus and seers, photograph this truly spectacular spiritual splendour, or simply observe and absorb the mystical manifestation of faith in its most splendid display, the opportunities are limitless.


Guests at the camp can choose from a range of exclusive activities specially curated to enhance the Kumbh Mela experience.

  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • Panoramic viewing of the Kumbh Mela using a telescope
  • Satvik culinary experience
  • Special photography excursions to the Kumbh Mela
  • Boat ride to the Sangam
  • In-camp astrologer (on chargeable basis)

What to See

Hanuman Mandir: Located close to the Allahabad Fort, the Hanuman Mandir houses a huge idol of Lord Hanuman as is said to be the only temple that has Lord Hanuman in a reclining position. The temple gets submerged in water when water levels in the Ganges river rise.

Alopi Mandir: This temple is unique as there is no statue of a deity, however, there is a wooden carriage or 'doli' that is worshipped.

Anand Bhavan: Built in the 1930's, it was the residence of the Nehru family, which was later transformed into the party headquarters of the Indian National Congress.

What to See

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