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01 May – 30 September (Every Year)


The Nubra Valley is one of the most dramatic and surreal landscapes in the world. Cold desert sand dunes give way to lush orchards on the banks of the Shyok and Nubra rivers. Charming villages and farms are interspersed with herds of grazing goats, sheep or yaks, set against the backdrop of the mountains.

Discover the charms of life in the Nubra Valley with our specialised excursions at Chamba Camp, Diskit. Situated at the confluence where the Shyok and Nubra rivers meet, the Nubra Valley separates Ladakh from the Karakoram mountain range. The valley is accessed either through the Khardung La Pass – the highest motor-able road in the world, or through the Wari La pass – one of the most picturesque parts of the Trans-Himalayan region.

The valley is populated with a series of villages that lie along the banks of the Nubra river. Sumur, KyagarTirith, Panamik and several other hamlets are full of tradition and earthy character, lush with apple and apricot orchards, where Willow and Poplar trees grow.


Our Services

  • Wide array of in-door games
  • Front desk assistance
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi available in reception lounge
  • Reception Tent with in-house library
  • Dining Tent


  • Chamba Camp, Diskit is nestled in a serene oasis at an altitude of 3,140 m (10,299 ft)
  • Chamba Camp gives you a chance to relive the safari experience of the famed ‘hunting leaves’ of the British Raj. Here, colonial era inspired luxury and chic contemporary furniture come together to create a picture of beauty and comfort.
  • The camp is lit primarily through solar energy. Well lit pathways illuminate the camp location at night
  • Enjoy a 360° panoramic view of the hills and mountains from the campsite.
  • A natural flowing stream cuts through our campsite.
  • Our bespoke itineraries envelope every aspect of the Nubra experience, presenting you with a luxury holiday option like no other.
  • We offer you a whole range of activities to make your trip lively including village explorations, birding, hikes and day excursions from the camp with our Ladakh experts.
  • Or ,you could simply do nothing, just curl up with your book, watching the sun set over the ice-capped peaks and a billion stars rise bright under the crisp clear Himalayan sky.


  • Altitude: 3,144 metres (10,375 ft)
  • Geo Coordinates: N : 34° 33’ 18’’ ; E : 77 ° 33‘
  • Location: Strategically located in Diskit, the Headquarters for the Nubra Valley administration
  • Nearest Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (127 Kms / 5 hrs drive time approx.)…
  • SURFACE: Chamba Camp, Diskit is 127 kms (5 hrs drive time) from Leh city and en-route cross Khardung La, the highest motorableroad in the world at 5,359 m (17,582 ft).An alternative route from Leh city is 154 kms (5 hrs 30 mts drivetime) via the wonderful Wari la, the 4th highest motorable road inthe world at 5,312 m (17,427 ft).

Weather Information

The Nubra Valley lies to the north of Leh, yet it lies 400 metres below the Leh Valley. This makes the weather quite pleasant.

  • Day time temperature in summer would average 20°C (68°F) and night time temperature plummets to 7.4°C (45.3°F) ….
  • The daily weather in Nubra is very temperamental with winds picking up usually in the late afternoon. All activities, excursions and extensions will be subject to weather conditions. Your Tour Guides who will be accompanying you will monitor and advise on the same.


Our well stocked library boasts of a selection of handpicked books covering a wide and wonderful array of subjects including spirituality, art, regional culture and fiction. Feel free to take some time off and curl up with a book of your choice.

Camp Facilities

Chamba Camp, Diskit is nestled in an oasis at an altitude of 3140 m (10299 ft) above sea level.

The camp recreates a vision of safari inspired canvas luxury interspersed with colonial charms of the ‘hunting leaves’ that officers of the erstwhile British Raj enjoyed. The camps are warm, with luxurious interiors and colonial era inspired furniture.

Daytime reveals a geographical paradise like no other.  Night falls and the starlit skies whisper lost stories from anera long gone. And through night and day, our diligent camp staff attend to every need you may have – from cooking up a delicious snack, to regaling you with tales of the land.


Our luxury tents have been tastefully designed to offer you a glamping experience like never before. Each tent opens to a private sit out that overlooks scenic mountain vistas. Within, the tents offer a comfortable stay with a plush king sizebed, curated signature camp furniture and all the modern amenities you may need.

Luxury Suite Tent

Chamba Camp Diskit Journeys


Chamba Camp Diskit

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Chamba Camp Diskit

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Chamba Camp Diskit

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