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The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC), is a nomadic mobile super-luxury camp that introduces the discerning traveller to different adventures in carefully selected exceptional locations within India.

TUTC won two awards at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards 2015. PATA is the leading voice and authority on travel and tourism in the Asia Pacific region. TUTC won under the Heritage & Culture category for their endeavours to preserve legacies of culture, flora & fauna, performing art forms, secret recipes and ancient healing forms, as well as under the Marketing Media category for their Consumer Travel Brochure. The awards ceremony took place at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in September 2015 during the PATA Travel Mart 2015.

  • The Man

    The Man

    March 2018

    Carry on ‘Glamping’
    Glamping or luxury camping, a hot trend abroad for last few years, now has enough and more options across India

  • Verve Magazine

    Verve Magazine

    March 2018

    The Art Of Glamping

    When India’s only nomadic luxury camp sets up base in Ladakh’s picturesque alpine terrain.

    Verve Magazine March, 2018

  • Bombay Times

    Bombay Times

    26th January 2018

    Glamping in Ladakh

    Off-Beat ways to travel in India

  • The Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards 2018


    TUTC wins 2018 Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards : Above and Beyond

    The Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards 2018 TUTC wins 2018 Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards : Above and Beyond

  • Jetwings

    December 2017

    The Lure of Ladakh
    Journey to the Chamba Camp in Ladakh includes staying in plus tents, rafting down the Indus, paying homage to old monasteries, and a visit to an oracle.

  • Robb Report India

    27th November 2017

    After making an impression in Ladakh and Nagaland, The Ultimate Travelling Camp or TUTC is expanding its footprint with the launch of a rebranded luxury lodge - Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa - nestled deep in the rainforests of the Terai in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Travel Hospitality

    11th September 2017

  • Arrival Travels

    12th July 2017

  • Outlook Traveller

    2nd July 2017

  • The Week

    1st July 2017

    Ladakh is much more than just snow and mountains

    The Week July, 2017

  • The Telegraph

    12th June 2017

    There's something extraordinary about flying from frantic Delhito remote Leh,...

    The Telegraph Jun, 2017

  • Happy Trips

    28th May 2017

    A good way to celebrate this beautiful world is to camp...

    Happy Trips May, 2017

  • Mercedes Benz magazine

    15th May 2017

    luxury camping Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir and Kohima, Nagaland

  • Conde Naste Travellers

    7th April 2017

    TUTC, Chamba Camp, Thiksey
    A personal butler may be par for the course at one of India's most swish glamps.

    Conde Naste Travellers

  • Luxpresso

    3rd April 2017

    When We Went Glamping in the Land of Lamas

    Luxpresso 03 April, 2017

  • Escape To India

    1st March 2017

    The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Thiksey and Diskit, India

  • Outlook Traveller

    Outlook Traveller

    1st December 2016

    TUTC’s Kohima Camp

  • Outlook Traveller

    1st August 2016

    Fine hospitality in an inhospitable terrain

  • World Travel Magazine

    1st August 2016

    Glorious Camping beckons tourist to Ladakh

  • Times Life

    10th July 2016

    By Shikha Shah

    Glamping in Momoland

  • The Tribune

    The Tribune

    26th May 2016

  • hukanama-samachar

    Hukanama Samachar

    17th May 2016

  • Morning News

    Morning News

    17th May 2016

  • Prabhat Daily

    Prabhat Daily

    17th May 2016

  • Rahat Times

    Rahat Times

    17th May 2016

    Luxury camp in Ladakh by TUTC

  • Herald Young Leader

    Herald Young Leader

    17th May 2016

  • Gujarat Pranam

    Gujarat Pranam

    16th May 2016

  • Dainik Bhor

    Dainik Bhor

    16th May 2016

  • Economist 1984

    The Economist 1843

    16th May 2016

  • Word Of Mouth


    15th May 2016

  • Le Figaro Magazine

    8th April 2016

    Ladakh Des Mont Agnes Et Des Hommes

  • Essence Magazine

    10th March 2016

    India’s Wild East

  • Conde Nast Traveller

    16th February 2016

    10 things to do in Kohima

    Take a hike, bite into the worlds hottest chilli and lots more

  • The National

    28th January 2016

    The unexplored lands of Kohima, India

    - By Kalpana Sunder

    The unexplored lands of Kohima, India

  • Financial Times

    Financial Times

    15th October 2015

    'The high canvas flaps are drawn open like the curtains to a play. Wooden decking, shadowed by a beige and white cotton stripe awning,...meadow is backed by willows and poplars...15th-century Thiksey Monastery...'
    - Sophy Roberts

  • Vanity fair

    Vanity fair

    15th October 2015


  • Bru and Bru

    Bru & Bru

    13th October 2015

    The Ultimate Travelling Camp Ladakh, India

  • Mumbai Mirror

    Mumbai Mirror

    11th October 2015

    By Neeta Lal

    Breathless In Ladhak

  • Deluxe ES Magazine

    9th October 2015

    Take an elephant-back safari in Dudhwa National Park in search of tigers, sloth bears and rhinos

  • Silkwinds Magazine

    Silkwinds Magazine

    8th October 2015

    Travel Like Royalty

  • Luxury Facts

    Luxury Facts

    7th October 2015

    By Suman Tarafdar

    Luxury Facts

  • Luxury Travel

    Luxury Travel

    4th October 2015

    Heads high into the hills of Kahsmir on the Tibetan border to the world’s highest five-star accommodation

  • The A-Z Compendium

    The A-Z Compendium

    3rd October 2015

    India's Next Frontier

  • The Statesman

    1st October 2015

    Glamping in Ladakh By Neeta Lal



    23rd September 2015


  • Robb Report

    Robb Report

    4th June 2015

    The Ultimate Travelling Camp - An International Best of the Best Award Winner

    Winner of Robb Report's 27 Annual Internat5ional Best of Best Awards

  • leisure

    Travel + Leisure

    1st June 2015

    Wuthering Heights

  • The Most Perfect View

    The Most Perfect View

    2nd April 2015

    The Ultimate Travelling Camp - A Perfect Hotel View in India

  • Destinationindia

    Destination India

    1st December 2014

    'Watched over by a hilltop monastery and the craggy peaks of the Himalayas, the Chamba Camp is opening up a corner of India rarely seen by outsiders - All without comprising on comfort.'
    - Jill Innamorati-Varley

  • Destinationindia - December 2014

    Travel + Leisure

    1st November 2014

    'The Ultimate Travelling camp is a mobile tent compound that brings guests to Northern India's remote spellbinding events and rate cultural experiences.'
    - Cynthia Rosenfeld

  • House and Garden

    House and Garden

    18th September 2014

    'In India, The Ultimate Travelling Camp is the country's first mobile camp operation, offering five luxurious nomadic experiences in exceptional locations...'

  • Departures Spring

    Departures Spring

    18th September 2014

    'The Ultimate Travelling Camp ( sets up a regal summer encampment in a meadow near Thiksey featuring smart white tents, wooden floors...'
    - Nigel Tisdall

  • Tatler Travel Guide

    Tatler Travel Guide

    3rd September 2014

    'Chamba Camp is so simple it's brilliant. Take a beautiful but difficult-to-access place with a narrow season and build a pop-up dollop of luxury fit for a maharaja.'

  • Destin Asian

    Destin Asian

    1st August 2014

    'A seasonal encampment of luxe tents has pitched up below a monastery in Ladakh, bringing a measure of sophistication - and support - to this remote corner of India.'
    - Cynthia Rosenfeld

  • Traveller

    Outlook Traveller Luxe

    1st April 2014

    'Finding Luxury Accommodation in the middle of rugged Ladakh can be an uphill task. But those in the know can now head straight to the Chamba Camp in Thiksey.'

  • tatler


    1st March 2014

    'You open your ten flap to a breathtaking sight...Experience extraordinaire,...'
    - Nigel Richardson

  • The Telegraph

    The Telegraph

    27th February 2014

    'New "glamping" holidays at Chamba Camp in Ladakh are enabling exploration of this isolated region, without compromising comfort.'
    - Nigel Richardson

  • Grand Luxury Travel

    Grand Luxury Travel

    26th February 2014

    "The Ultimate in Luxury for Discerning Tastes"

  • The Times Article

    The Times Article

    8th February 2014

    'A new pop-up camp is bringing luxury accommodation to some of India's remote and most beautiful regions... The aim to grow all our vegetables in the chef's garden.'
    - Amar Grover

  • Glamping at 12,000ft in Ladakh

    Glamping at 12,000ft in Ladakh

    27th September 2013

    Dressed in rich red robes and sitting cross-legged on the floor, the elderly monk in front of us doesn’t look much like a tourism entrepreneur.

    Glamping at 12,000ft in Ladakh

  • Centurion Magazine Winter

    Centurion Magazine Winter

    24th August 2013

    'Opportunities to truly explore the vastness and variety of India's remarkable landscape and its diverse history without compromising comfort...'
    - John McNamara and Claudia Whiteus

  • Independent Traveller

    Independent Traveller

    24th August 2013

    'Next month sees the launch of the Ultimate Travelling Camp, a nomadic Indian retreat that starts by exploring the Ladakh region.'
    - Laura Holt

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