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The Frog Temple of Oel

  • DurationFull Day

Set out for the 19th century Frog Temple at Oel, situated about a two-hour drive southeast of Jaagir Lodge. According to tantric doctrines of Hinduism, frogs represent fertility, prosperity and good fortune. Legend has it that the temple at Oel was commissioned by Hindu Maharaja Bakhat Singh as a mark of reverence for the celestial frog, who blessed him with good fortune and prosperity. Learn from your guide why animals are an integral part of the pantheon of gods, as you marvel at the architecture, murals and figurines of Hindu mythological characters.

Note: Guests on a long stay may choose to do the excursion as a day trip from the lodge. Guests on a short stay may opt for this excursion enroute to Lucknow.


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Frog Temple
Frog Temple

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