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A day in the life of the Tharu Tribe

  • DurationHalf Day

Begin your day with a 40-kilometre drive to a small village sitting strategically on the periphery of the Indo-Nepal border - a rustic hamlet belonging to the dominant tribe of the Terai region. For centuries the Tharu have lived closely with the jungle and their traditions reflect their intimate relationship with the natural world.

Though their main occupation is farming, the colourful tribal community is renowned for their folk roots in music and dance, expert craftsmanship and their impeccable hunting skills. The Tharu excel at the art of catching and training wild elephants and making the best mahouts. Meet your local host for the day, who has previously served as an apprentice to the grand old man of Terai, renowned Indian naturalist Billy Arjan Singh. Spend the day in his intricately designed traditional home, with a captivating introduction to the culture and customs of this prolific community. Witness the warm hospitality of these people as you savour delicious Tharu cuisine after a cooking demonstration given by the ladies of the house.

Afterwards, you will have an exclusive interaction session with the 'dancing boys' - the popular custom of young boys being trained in the art of dance and music, dressed as women, in colourful costumes. Continue with a visit to a local women's association that is dedicated to the cause of employment and welfare to countless Tharu women. Enjoy a cup of tea while interacting with the ladies. Later, stroll through colourful local markets where you can see fresh produce being sold, alongside indigenous jewellery and other goods.


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Tharu Tribe
Tharu Tribe

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