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A Birdwatcher's Delight: Sharada River

  • DurationHalf Day

Today, you will explore the banks of the River Sharda, which introduces you to Dudhwa's wealth of endemic and migratory bird life. Every winter, Sharda witnesses an annual migration, a true spectacle of nature, where thousands of bar-headed geese, shell drakes, pochards and tufted ducks, visit the flood plains, making it their annual wintering and breeding ground. Traverse through remote villages, which give way to a thrilling, off-road experience, to arrive at the breath-taking waterscape. Witness local fishermen leading nomadic lives and stop for a brief chat with animal herders, who readily share their space with wild animals like tigers, leopards and wolves. Conclude the experience by witnessing one of the most spectacular sunsets with refreshing sundowners.


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Sharada River
Sharada River

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