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Tiger Haven and the Legacy of Dudhwa National Park

  • DurationHalf Day

Learn about the history of Dudhwa National Park, which is not only a haven for tigers but also many other species which are on the brink of extinction elsewhere. Focus on the legendary soul, Billy Arjan Singh, who envisioned creating a cradle of nature here, to provide perfect conditions for endangered species to thrive, helping them flourish in their natural habitat.

Experience the legacy of Billy Arjan Singh, who lived and fought for these forests, and whose legacy remains for future generations to be inspired and encouraged. Your accompanying specialist will throw light on the life and times of Singh, who was an Indian hunter-turned-conservationist, and a prolific writer who authored numerous books. He was the first to reintroduce tigers and leopards from captivity into the wild. Today, Tiger Haven, his estate, serves as an education centre for local children from villages situated on the fringes of the national park. His home has been converted into a museum and the area is itself an extension of the Dudhwa National Park, serving as an ideal habitat for birds and mammals.


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