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Cycling in the Wilderness

  • DurationHalf Day

Embark on a bicycle tour through farm fields and tiny villages on the periphery of Dudhwa National Park. Your accompanying resident naturalist will assist you in spotting the birds in the area and provide an introduction to the culture, traditions and legends of the region. Just two kilometres away from the lodge is a small river, which is a perfect habitat for waders, kingfishers and other species of birds. It is also a great opportunity to meet the friendly locals and see the homes of farmers, decorated with age-old motifs and designs of tribal art. Pass through a perfect rural setting on meandering roads, with local Tharu Villages, ladies wearing their colourful attire and farmers singing while working in their fields.

Note: Guests have the option of selecting from the various available routes.


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Cycling in the Wilderness
Cycling in the Wilderness

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