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Birds of Dudhwa

  • DurationHalf Day

Whether you are a seasoned bird watcher, or simply curious, Jaagir Lodge is the perfect spot to indulge yourself in the hobby of bird watching. Home to over 400 species of birds, both resident and migratory, the region is as popular for its birds as it is for its tigers. You may choose to walk, cycle or enjoy a drive, to explore the area sprinkled with streams, ponds, brooks, grassland and fields.

Scouring the landscape, you can chance upon species like the drongos, silver-bill munia, baya weaver, cattle egret, cinnamon bittern, kingfishers, falcons, kites, owls and pheasant-tailed jacana. The wetlands, marsh and swamps also provide prime habitat for many attractive birds like the pied kingfisher, bitterns, the purple swamp-hen and the Eurasian thick-knee. Board a small canoe which will let you admire the birds and animals from close quarters, followed by a picnic lunch.

Note: Guests have the option of selecting from the various available trails.


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