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TUTC The first truly mobile luxury camps in India covering a calendar of destinations and festivals. This nomadic super luxury camp introduces the discerning traveller to different adventures in carefully selected exceptional locations in the mountains, deserts, jungles and unexplored countryside. Experience the many moods of exotic India with its dramatic landscapes, rustic and unexplored rural surroundings. The Ultimate Travelling Camp can be customised for special occasions for friends and families - a celebration, a wedding, an anniversary, a 50th birthday.

Sangam Nivas Camp , Allahabad

Chamba Camp Diskit, Ladakh
  • Place Allahabad
  • Dates 10 Jan 2019 to 06 Mar 2019

Kumbh Mela is the world's largest gathering of sadhus, seers, fortune tellers and seekers of salvation. With a history that dates back to thousands of years, it is an affirmation of faith and a pilgrimage of hope for millions who gather in observance of India's most renowned religious event. There is a spiritual, mesmerising and almost epiphanic ambience that leaves an indelible mark on the minds of all those who visit. It is an auspicious fraction of time when the stars and planets align in a leveraged position to influence the soul of all living creatures assembled at the mela.

Chamba Camp , Thiksey

Chamba Camp Diskit, Ladakh
  • Place Ladakh
  • Dates 15 May 2019 to 10 Oct 2019

A land of varying landscapes, from white deserts to blue lakes, snow-capped mountains to lush valleys, Ladakh, like a dream captured in a snow globe, is a wildly beautiful milieu set between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas

Chamba Camp , Diskit

Chamba Camp Diskit, Ladakh
  • Place Ladakh
  • Dates 15 May 2019 to 30 Sep 2019

Discover the unexplored valley of Nubra. Travel through an expanse of dramatic landscapes – across stark mountains, meandering streams and serene sand dunes, reliving the tales of mystery, adventure and mysticism. Welcome to the Chamba Camp, Diskit. Relax and experience the warmth, serenity and luxury of your tents.

Kohima Camp , Nagaland

Chamba Camp Diskit, Ladakh
  • Place Nagaland
  • Dates 29 Nov 2019 to 12 Dec 2019

Cross into the realm of the unknown, exploring the unexplored in the north-eastern part of India. Kohima Camp coincides with the Hornbill Festival, an annual melange of cultural displays from all 16 tribes of Nagaland, showcasing their rich heritage in this colourful pageant.

Our Organisation has many more Camps, in spectacular destinations, in the pipeline.

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