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Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa Lodge Facilities

When you arrive at Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa you will get to your luxurious room, sigh deeply with pleasure, and start to relax. Alongside our wonderful jungle walks, fascinating and gripping big-game safaris, enchanting bird-watching trips, the visits to local villages, you might think that all of our Terai experiences are outside the environs of the camp. But there is a host of things to do to keep you entertained in the lodge itself.

Our grand reception area also features a Safari club which offers a space where you can relax in a peaceful and soothing environment.

We offer internet access here, so, if you really need to, you can keep up with friends and family, and let them know what a wonderful time you are having at the Jaagir Lodge.

There is a small but definitively curated library, stocked with a selection of fiction and non-fiction: guide books, bird and animal identification books, history and culture, which you are welcome to take back to your room and peruse at your leisure.

There is a small, sinuous swimming pool, surrounded by the lush jungle, so you can cool off after a day's animal watching, and drift gently in its watery embrace.

We have a recreation centre, away from the main body of the Lodge. There are no televisions in our rooms: we think you will be too busy relaxing and enjoying yourself to need one.

The activity centre is also where our dedicated team of naturalists give talks, where our rotating group of Terai experts lecture on the flora, fauna, culture and history of the region, where we show films and award-winning documentaries, We offer a selection of board games so you, your friends and family can spend quality time playing together and enjoying your time at Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa engaged in wholesome family-friendly activities.

We have a machan on the property, surrounded by tall grasses. You can sit here and watch birds flit through the trees and butterflies float past on the gentle breeze.

We have a number of gentle walks around the camp, through tree-lined avenues, past small lakes and delicate rivers. Amble along at your own pace, drinking in the magnificence of the landscape, watching the myriad bird and animal life go about their daily life in the wild .Or you can take one of our regular plain terrain bicycles and pedal around the area, communing with nature at your own pace.

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