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Weather Information

Climatic Conditions and Daily Weather :

Dudhwa boasts a mainly pleasant climate, although the winters can be quite cold, with temperature dropping to 2° Celsius, and they can go as high as 45° Celsius at the height of summer. The park has adequate rain fall and is closed to visitors from mid-June to mid-November for the rainy season. The park is open from 15th November to 15th June every year and has the following safari timings:

Winters: 06:30 - 11:00 hours and 14:00 to 17:30 hours
Summers: 05:30 - 10:00 hours and 15:00 to 19:00 hours

(* schedule time or sunset, whichever is earlier)

  • January

    Temperature Max 23℉Min 8℉

  • February

    Temperature Max 26℉Min 9℉

  • March

    Temperature Max 34℉Min 15℉

  • April

    Temperature Max 41℉Min 19℉

  • May

    Temperature Max 43℉Min 22℉

  • JuneClosed

    Temperature Max 43℉Min 23℉

  • JulyClosed

    Temperature Max 35℉Min 24℉

  • AugustClosed

    Temperature Max 33℉Min 26℉

  • SeptemberClosed

    Temperature Max 32℉Min 25℉

  • October

    Temperature Max 32℉Min 18℉

  • November

    Temperature Max 28℉Min 13℉

  • December

    Temperature Max 21℉Min 8℉

Dudhwa's climatic conditions can be divided into three distinctive parts with

Winter (November - February) temperatures range between 20 ℃ and 30 ℃ (68℉ and 86 ℉): and there is a better chance of seeing animals.

Summers (March - June) with increasingly hot and humid days the temperature soars as high as 45℃ (113 ℉). The hot and dry Loo wind blows strongly from mid-April up to end of May.

The Monsoon (June - October) is generally the breeding time of the animals so the forest remains closed till mid November.

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