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Introduced by 'The Ultimate Travelling Camp'

Begin with a tour of Billy Arjan Singh's conservation initiatives at Tiger Haven; track the one-horned rhino from the back of an elephant in Dudhwa National Park. Explore the swamps of Katarniaghat Sanctuary, spotting the Indian crocodile and marvel at the nearly extinct 12-horned deer, the barasingha.

The incredible diversity of the Terai is a birder's delight, with a vast variety of avian fauna in the Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary along the Sharada River. Bird species unique to the reserve can be spotted at the main water body, the Jhadi Tal. Complete the jungle experience in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, famous for the big cats, the tiger and the leopard.

The Jaagir experience continues with fascinating and stimulating activities in and around the lodge. Among the unmissable are walks along the many nature trails, which can be customized and combined with birding along the River Suheli and natural lakes and streams. For those looking for more human experiences, Jaagir Lodge offers special visits to the villages of the famous Tharu Tribe, with deep insights into their ancient traditions, customs and artistic skills.

The Jaagir Lodge is the perfect place for an in-depth and vastly life-enhancing holiday.

The Ultimate Travelling Camp invites you to experience the four wild jewels of the Terai from the luxurious comfort of the Jaagir Lodge at your own pace.


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Jaagir Lodge Dudhwa - Awadh - Location

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