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Monastery Tours

The term Buddhism comes from the word “Budhi”, meaning to “wake up”. Nowhere does this philosophy of enlightenment, or Nirvana, seem more relevant than in the divine location of Ladakh. Incomplete without a visit to any one of the innumerable Buddhist monasteries that pepper its landscape, your Ladakh getaway can truly become an experience only after spending a few hours exploring these wondrous places of worship. Delve into the sights and sounds of a millennia-old theology as our monastery tours take you to some of the most serene and magnificent Leh monasteries that can be found in the region.

Be awed by the breathtaking views that these far-flung Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh offer. Feast your eyes on the many beautiful and carefully etched statues of the Buddha placed in the temples. Find yourself displaced in time as you look on in wonder at customs and traditions that take you to a place of quiet contemplation. Soak in the visage of a two-storey statue of the Maitreya Buddha seated on a lotus at the Thiksey Buddhist Monastery in Ladakh. Take part in the Morning Prayer Ceremony as dozens of solemn priests conduct their ritual prayers.

Visit the many magnificent prayer rooms and other halls of knowledge nestled in the folds of the Hemis Monastery, where countless young lamas were trained in the ways of literature, yoga, philosophy, tantra and history. Explore the seemingly endless Alchi Monastery, where beautiful examples of Tibetan and Gandhara styles of murals depicting Ladakh, as well as frescos and images of the Buddha await you. See the tapestry of the landscape truly comes alive around these homes of religion and worship.

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