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Seance with the Spirits

  • Duration3-4 Hours
  • Distance25 km roundtrip

Buddhists are firm believers in the influence of the spirits on the material world. This influence is taken into consideration before any new venture or important activity is initiated. The lamas associated with the monasteries play the key role of mediator between the world of the humans and that of the spirits. Not only do they perform the rites necessary to appease the gods, they also take on the role of astrologers and oracles who can predict an auspicious time to start work. Whether it's for ploughing fields, picking the harvest, arranging a marriage or going on a journey, the lamas are consulted on almost everything.

In addition to a Seance Session with the Spirits, many other intriguing experiences can be enjoyed at TUTC.

Seance with the Spirits
Seance with the Spirits

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