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Cultural Tours

The true delight of visiting Ladakh comes from exploring its culture. With a rich and vibrant history, the culture of Ladakh is a gem that you cannot go home without. Take a Ladakh cultural tour from your camp and visit some of the most popular and well known wonders of the region. Visit the famed Leh Palace, a nine storied wonder that is home to some of the finest examples of Ladakhi architecture. Make your way through endless winding alleys and stairways that burrow around series of old mud-brick Ladakhi houses and chortens. Other well-restored buildings that must be a part of your itinerary include the 17th-century Munshi Mansion, which was once home to the Ladakhi Royal Secretary, and now houses the vibrant LAMO Arts Centre.

No cultural tour in Leh and Ladakh can be complete without a walk through its many hamlets. These tiny oases serve as a relieving sight from the harsh and unforgiving terrain of the region. The true sources of the traditional way of life in Ladakh, these silent sentinels of traditions are a sight to behold. Make your way through mud-bricked lanes, lined with poplar trees along the path. Explore the waterways around which these hamlets reside and meet the local inhabitants. Along with the physical, though, the culture of Ladakh also encompasses a great deal of the spiritual. With Lamas in the many monasteries acting as mediators between this world and the next, a visit here can also be the perfect opportunity to visit an Oracle for a séance session.

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