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Chamba Camp Diskit Camp Facilities

Chamba Camp, Diskit, has a spectacular all-round view of the soaring Himalayas, sand dunes and grassy fields. Track the clear spring stream as it cuts through the camp. Go on a safari, get acquainted with a Bactrian camel and ride through quaint villages on a two-wheeled adventure. Want a more rustic experience? Walk to the nearby village, a field, or a monastery and get acquainted with the ever-smiling locals. Plan your day with the help of our Ladakh experts for a luxurious holiday that envelopes every aspect of the Nubra experience.

camp facilities

Reception Tent

    • Each of our campsites has a reception tentEach of our campsites has a reception tent
    • Meet fellow guests in the lobby, which is a perfect place to share stories and experiences.
    • Turn to our Guest Relations Executive, who will help address your every need
    • Confer with our In-House Tour Manager to customise the daily itinerary to include your special interests
    • Shop for the best of regional handicrafts at the boutique
    • Enjoy undisturbed Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Connect your iPods to the docking station and groove to your choice of music
    • Have some family fun with indoor board games
    • Explore our in-house library

Dining Tent

Dining Tent

    • Visit the dining tent, with both an indoor and outdoor sitting area
    • Enjoy fresh, local and organic ingredients from our vegetable garden
    • Savour the best of International, national and regional cuisine
    • Pick up something delicious from our in-house bakery
    • Gorge on meals prepared by chefs who cater to your personal dietary requirements
    • Sign up for our complimentary culinary classes



    • Browse through the many titles, which feature in our carefully curated library, and pick from a wide array of subjects, that include spirituality, history and culture, as well as art and architecture.


    • Grab great deals at our boutique, which offers the best regional handicrafts from all over Ladakh and the country. Pick up a tribal weave, a silver trinket, a bauble with semi-precious stones, or buy hand-made crafts and paintings and give back to the local community.

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