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Weather Information

Although the Nubra Valley lies to the North of Leh , yet it lis 400 mts below the Leh Valley , which makes it more hospitable.

The weather pattern is more or less same to the Leh Valley system.

  • January

    Temperature 28℉/-2°C

  • February

    Temperature 32℉/0°C

  • March

    Temperature 42.8℉/6°C

  • April

    Temperature 57.2℉/14°C

  • May

    Temperature 64.4℉/18°C

  • June

    Temperature 69.8℉/21°C

  • July

    Temperature 75.2℉/24°C

  • August

    Temperature 75.2℉/24°C

  • September

    Temperature 71.6℉/22°C

  • October

    Temperature 60.8℉/16°C

  • November

    Temperature 48.2℉/9°C

  • December

    Temperature 35.6℉/2°C

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