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TUTC’s endeavour is to bring to India a separate class of tourists, in which visitors do not simply stay at a hotel & visit tourist attractions, but rather immerse themselves in the entire experience of the local culture and people.

The Chamba Camp at Thiksey (Leh Valley) and Chamba Camp at Diskit (Nubra Valley) in Ladakh ensures patronage to various aspects of the Ladakhi and Buddhist way of life.

Similarly, the camp at Kohima aims to revive, protect and preserve the richness and uniqueness of the 16 tribes native to Nagaland.

Chamba Camp , Thiksey

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Chamba Camp, Thiksey Ladakh

Kohima Camp , Nagaland

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Kohima Camp Nagaland

Chamba Camp , Diskit

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Chamba Diskit Calendar

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