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Camp Facilities

Each TUTC campsite is unique, and showcases the region's geography and culture in a distinctive manner. This is evident in the amenities, layout and facilities offered by each camp.

Chamba Camp, Thiksey is blessed with abundant greenery, which our on-site organic farm adds to. Our tents here welcome you to this reinvigorating vista, every single day. Three bodies of water, each with their own deck, provide a plethora of outdoor dining options, while indoor games keep you entertained. Explore and indulge in archery and croquet, and if you're in the mood for something a little more rustic, walk to the nearby nunnery or take part in a seance with the village oracle. A truly unique and profound experience is guaranteed.

Chamba Camp, Diskit is blessed with a 360° view of the surrounding mountain ranges and sandy desert, and is a deep and meditative space, far from the bustle of India's cities. Take an exploratory walk along the crystal-clear spring that runs through our campsite, or take a bike ride down through the fascinating villages, fields and desert landscapes.

Camp Kohima in Nagaland is nestled in the midst of a cozy, forested area and treats you to inspiring vistas of the hills and mountains, and the soothing sound of a beautiful stream tumbling down the hillside nearby. The Hornbill Festival will keep you entertained during the day with its fascinating showcase of traditional arts, crafts and culture.

At all our camps, luxury, with your safety and security, are always at the forefront of our mind.

Reception Tent

Reception Tent

    • All our campsites have a Reception Tent.
    • A lobby to meet and exchange stories and experiences with other guests.
    • There are Guest Relations Executives to address your every need.
    • We have in-house Tour Managers to customise the daily itinerary of our guests according to your interests.
    • A boutique equipped with the best of regional handicrafts.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity.
    • Docking station to connect your iPods.
    • Indoor family board games.
    • Comprehensive and customised in-house library.
Dining Tent

Dining Tent

    • Dining Tent, with indoor and outdoor sitting areas.
    • Fresh, local and organic ingredients.
    • International, national and regional cuisine.
    • In-house bakery.
    • Meals prepared by chefs that take into account any particular dietary requirements.
    • Complimentary culinary classes are on offer.



    • Our boutiques showcase the best of India's regional handicrafts, including tribal weavings, silver trinkets embedded with semi-precious stones, handmade crafts, and paintings by local artists from around the country.


    • The library features a selection of handpicked books that cover a wide and wonderful array of subjects from spirituality and regional history to local art and culture.

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