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About TUTC

India's Exclusive Mobile Luxury Camp

The first truly mobile luxury camps in India, covering a range of destinations and festivals.

This nomadic super-luxury camp introduces the discerning traveller to different adventures in carefully selected locations in the mountains, deserts, jungles and unexplored countryside.

Experience the many moods of exotic India with its dramatic landscapes and unexplored rural surroundings.

Rediscover yourself … meet gurus from the far reaches of the Himalayas; raft down the River Indus; watch a game of polo, the sport of the royals; picnic in picturesque spots, celebrate tribal colours at the Hornbill Festival; explore quaint Naga villages, or simply curl up in your 'tent with a view', and so much more…

The Ultimate Travelling Camp can be customised for special occasions for friends and families - a celebration, a wedding, an anniversary, or a special birthday.

Our Business - Luxury Camping in India

  • TUTC manages and operates its own camps.
  • TUTC also handles the following services either individually or a combination thereof :
    1. Marketing
    2. Promotions
    3. Sales
    4. Reservations and Bookings.
About TUTC

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