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Jakhama Village
Jakhama Village

Jakhama Village

Another excellent showcase of the multifaceted Naga way of life is Jakhama village. Our walk here begins at a Kharu, or a large ceremonial gate and takes us through traditional kitchens where one can sample Khie - the local rice beer.

Our walk through Jakhama takes you through paddy fields, and the river banks where we can see the Angamis fish and farm in their traditional ways. As we weave through the village, we stop at local pigsties, fisheries and even a snail farm.

We will also get to see walls of houses riddled with bullet marks of the WW II. Jakhama also houses a temporary education centre established by the Japanese in their attack. End the day sipping tea in the middle of a field overlooking the wondrous village.


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