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Kohima Camp Nagaland

The Camp will be operational from 29 November 2016 to 12 December 2016 in Nagaland.
Kohima Camp Camp Nagaland

Introduced by 'The Ultimate Travelling Camp

Kohima Camp, Nagaland, introduced by 'The Ultimate Travelling Camp' - after rain forests.

The crosses into the realm of the unknown, exploring the unexplored, showcasing the cultural treasures of the Land of the Nagas, known as the last head hunters, in the exotic state of Nagaland, hidden in the northeastern part of India.


The picturesque state of Nagaland is bound by Assam in the west; Myanmar in the east; Arunachal Pradesh in the north and Manipur in the south, forming a part of what are known as the Seven Sisters, the seven states of north-east India, full of rolling hills

and verdant rain forests. The Naga people, comprising 16 proud tribes were once fearsome warriors and head hunters who have retained much of their traditional and cultural heritage, visible in their elaborate costumes and ritualistic headdresses which incorporate tiger tusks, bear skins, hornbill feathers and other symbolic accoutrements Kohima Camp coincides with the ten-day Hornbill Festival, an annual melange of cultural displays from all 16 tribes of Nagaland, showcasing their rich heritage in this colourful pageant. Each day brings forth their vibrant performances, crafts, sports like archery and wrestling, food fairs, games and religious ceremonies.

At Kohima Camp, Nagaland, relax in individually designed tents, with en-suite bathrooms, crisp linen and the services of your very own butler. Enjoy a drink of the local rice beer, savour delicious tribal recipes and participate in celebrations of the unique Hornbill Festival.

Come...explore the unexplored. READ LESS >


Nagaland Tour Itinerary

Embark on a tribal journey to Nagaland, the land of the head-hunters, with The Ultimate Travelling Camp!

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Luxury Suite TentExplore
Luxury Suite Tent
  • India Local Time03:44PM
  • Temperature92° F/33° C

Kohima Camp, Nagaland Address:

Tekweuju, Above Japfu Christian college,
Kigwema, Pin 797001,
Kohima, Nagaland
Phone: +91-80109 02222


What our Guests say about us...

  • Sue Groucutt had a lovely time, if there was a problem it was trying to find something that would not disappoint to do afterwards. She loved it and met some lovely people there.

    - C Roberts, Travel Counsellors, a Gold Counsellor, Guernsey, U.K - December 2014 Read More

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